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I began painting about a month after my father died. The impulse to do so seemingly came out of nowhere, with such force that it could not be denied. Although I began playing classical piano in childhood, which continues today, art was not at all encouraged in my family. I remember reading that the death of a parent frees one in some way, and this is the form it took for me.

For me, abstract expressionism is the most powerful way of working with paint on canvas. It is a means to enter the depths of feeling and consciousness, mirroring what is going on within me and bringing it forth.

Painting is a journey and adventure, not a destination, and along the way all sorts of discoveries and delights abound. I am interested in process, not product. To that end, I am willing to experiment freely, and let go entirely of preconceived notions.

My paintings are completely inner directed, drawing upon thoughts, feelings, visions, and nature for inspiration. Too much thinking can ruin the whole thing. What is important is to let the energies flow, and allow the paint and colors to form their own textures and shapes. In other words, just paint!

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