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Born and raised in New York City, I was exposed to a wide variety of artwork at the local museums and galleries. I left New York in 1974, settling in northern California. In 1976 I had the good fortune to become a member of the Findhorn Community in Scotland, where I had many opportunities for personal growth and transformation. My inner world and connection with spirit deepened as a result, as did my relationship with nature.

Returning to California in 1980, I traveled extensively through the Southwest, and eventually moved to Santa Fe in 1990. The incandescence of the light and beauty of the land have served to inspire my work.

I began painting about a month after my father died. The impulse to do so seemingly came out of nowhere, with such force that it could not be denied. I remember reading once that the death of a parent frees one in some way, and this is the form it took for me.

I paint with acrylics on canvas in a style best described as abstract expressionism, drawing upon personal experiences and the natural world. In my work I explore the edges of awareness, where the conscious and the unconscious intertwine, through the play of color and form. My interest is in the power of art to inspire, challenge, transform, and heal, and to awaken new consciousness and ways of perceiving.

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