Alamo Canyon - Sep 20, 2015

We went upriver about 10 miles to Alamo Canyon in Bandelier National Park.

I had not been there since July 2010, and the lower water levels were very evident. But the majesty of the vistas and rock formations are incredibly uplifting and inspiring!

It was surely a strenuous outing, especially with tricky navigation due to underwater mudflats. The reward, in addition to deeply moving moments, was a renewed faith in my abilities, very welcome at this time when I am engaged in forging a new beingness.

Wildlife sightings included eye contact with a beaver, who followed us for a bit despite slapping its tail and diving under a few times. Birds included an osprey, the usual soaring flocks of vultures, Great Blue herons, Canada geese, spotted sandpipers, dozens of white-throated swifts, a variety of ducks, a few hawks, mergansers, and even a pied-bill grebe.

It is such a blessing to have the river fairly nearby. The stillness, solitude, and connection with all-that-is are unsurpassed!

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