If you're not busy being born

you're busy dying...

Glimpses of the Journey

I lived at the Findhorn Community in northern Scotland for 3+ years in the late 1970's. It was certainly a watershed time for me, in terms of growth and transformation.

Findhorn is a remarkable experiment not only in community living, but in alternative culture and emerging paradigms. With attunement, meditation and honoring the presence of Spirit within all as cornerstones, Findhorn (founded in 1962) attracts visitors from all over the world who want to experience the richness of community life and participate in its educational programs and conferences.

After leaving the community I lived for a time in Santa Barbara, CA, where I met Diana, helped organize the first Findhorn Family Gatherings, and was instrumental in creating the West Coast Findhorn Network. We relocated to Sonoma County in northern CA in 1985, and then lived in Glastonbury, England from 1988-89. It was a wonderfully healing and inspiring experience to re-connect with old friends, the Findhorn community, the land, and sacred places. After leaving Britain we found our way to the Santa Fe, New Mexico area, where we have lived since 1990.

I create websites for individuals, groups and select businesses (web design page) and enjoy sharing the wonders of this incredible medium. I also play classical and improvisational piano, paint with acrylics (please visit the Art Gallery), take digital photographs (please visit my photo gallery), write articles and social commentary (Considerations), and go kayaking on rivers, lakes, and coastal waters. For me, creative expression and a strong connection with Nature are vital components of a joyous and meaningful life.

My meditation practice and work with astrology and other aspects of the Mysteries continue to serve me well on my journey. Diana and I recently celebrated our 33rd anniversary — the path of relationship indeed offers endless opportunities for growth and transformation!

I am especially grateful for the deepening peace and joy I continue to experience, and look forward to greater involvement with others in creating a wider sense of community.

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